12.12.2016 :: House of the future - Plus

The objective of energy-efficient buildings should be to provide comfort of living, cost-certainty, as well as to realize the building standard of ... » plus

11.11.2016 :: International Passive House Days

11.-13. November: Passive House residents worldwide open their homes... » plus

24.10.2016 :: It's all about comfort

Raphaël Vibert's lecture on global experiences of building Passive Houses at large scales, based on dozens of projects from around the world, ... » plus

03.10.2016 :: Herz & Lang unlocks the world of big buildings

House of the Future, Passive House 2.0 - Dieter Herz at the NY15PH Conference & Expo, Built to Last: Passive House... » plus

12.09.2016 :: Museum of Arts Ravensburg

Presentation of the Passive Museum of Arts for the 3rd Portuguese Passive House Conference 2015 in Aveiro, Portugal... » plus

29.08.2016 :: Passive House Hospital

Ground-breaking ceremony for the new Passive House hospital ...... » plus