From an old building to a low energy house

A well-planned renovation ensures the value of your building and a high comfort of living.

No matter whether you intend to convert, expand or restock your building - our integral planning concept does not only offer expert mentoring and comprehensive services in planning and construction, but also contemporary architecture and state-of-the-art building technology.

Renovations are listed under our guiding principle - Overall concepts - to transform your building into your dream home.

  • Individual energy advice for your building
  • Redevelopment options for a sustainable building standard
  • Optimum utilization of grants
  • Building envelope: insulation, thermal bridge reduction, air leaks, mold free
  • Technology: tailored to the needs of the building when possible using established technology
  • Interaction with with strong partners for high quality of construction
  • Monitoring of construction and building inspection through building measurements
  • Ensuring the economic efficiency of all measures