Passive House

 Explanation of a Passive House:

The maximum heating requirement of a Passive House is 15 kWh per square meter per year. To achieve this energy standard of the future requires the building to have optimal orientation to the sun, excellent thermal insulation and triple glazing, a comfort ventilation system with highly efficient heat recovery, as well as a minimized heating system.

With new approaches in construction this building can be constructed so that it will still be in line with building standards in 25 years time. Thus eliminating the need for normally necessary renovation cycles every 15-20 years.
Passive building represents high user comfort in addition to economic benefits, which in turn affects the satisfaction and performance of the users.
If you invest slightly more today added value will be created in every aspect of the building.
Further information on Passive Houses
The largest portion of the energy demand is obtained from 'free' energy contributions from radiated solar energy, also on overcast days days and the radiated heat from people and electrical appliances in the house. The remaining heat demand can be met with different systems and is tailored to the needs of the user and the building. The comfort ventilation and individual heating surfaces provide for the needs-based, uniform distribution of heat in the house and excellent air quality during the day and at night throughout the year. 
Through feedback from clients we have seen that most speak about the previously unknown quality of the air, the high degree of comfort in the house and the subjective feeling of warmth. This all confirms to us that the Passive House building standard is one of the future which we will continue to pursue intensively.