.....more than just the sum of it's parts

The aim of Passive House Consulting is to introduce special expertise in the field of Passive House construction to existing planning and construction teams. This will insure the building will achieve the Passive House standard or a low energy house with a redevelopment project. The consulting service encompasses an entire quality management concept.







Benefits of Consulting

Planning and construction teams:

Highly efficient buildings require special know-how in all areas. We bring our years of experience from Passive House construction and redevelopment of buildings down to a factor of 10 to the team to achieve a quality assured building.
Benefit developers:
Verified quality increases the value. This motto is our underlying quality management system, to achieve the objectives of the client and to make buildings certifiable.
Benefit residents / users:
The nice thing about the efficiency is the high comfort and easy technique. Low long term maintenance and preservation of value and appreciation are the essence of the concept. Our concept also includes instruction in the use and maintenance of the building, as well as a user manual.


A detailed plan for Passive House certification, including the fields:

Planning, Implementation and Certification

please refer to our schedule.
We provide planning security through pre and final testing in the four eyes principle
In addition, we offer comprehensive services in Consulting + building measurement.
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