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The second South Pacific Passive House Conference took place at the University of Melbourne (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

On February 12th and 13th of 2016, experts from around the world presented the enormous energy-saving potential of the Passive House standard. Raphaël Vibert (Herz & Lang GmbH), certified Passive House Designer and accredited Passive House Certifier, was one of the experts invited by the Australian Passive House Association.

6th from the right: Raphaël Vibert

Raphaël Vibert's lecture on global experiences of building Passive Houses at large scales, based on dozens of projects from around the world, has shown the potential of this building standard. Around 30 architects and engineers from New Zealand and Australia were amazed at the openness and diversity of the provided knowhow.

During his presentation, he answered if the Passive House standard is in Australia's climate zones at all relevant.

Australia's climate zones reach from equatorial climate in the north to temperate climate in the south. During the year and depending on your location, heating or cooling is required. Heating or cooling are permanent corrections of building defects. Vibert explained in his lecture that a Passive House stays warmer or cooler than the external uncomfortable temperatures without having to make any active correction. This due to its optimized building envelope. The Passive House envelope is suitable and profitable for all climates. But he pointed out that details, products and HVAC-Systems should be adapted in order to ensure the highest comfort and the optimal cost effectiveness.

​The highly insulated, thermal bridge-free and airtight building envelope combined with highly efficient and renewable technology allows affordable, comfortable and sustainable constructions with high quality of living.

Time to Take an Active Interest in Passive Houses

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