House of the future - Plus

The objective of energy-efficient buildings should be to provide comfort of living, cost-certainty, as well as to realize the building standard of the future already today and thereby to protect sustainably our resources.

Our path to the house of the future - Plus:

The idea: Low energy consumption, to produce the little yourself and consequently to be as independent as possible.

Logically, the building is equipped with intelligent technology for energy storage & energy management and added with electric mobility (e-scooter, e-car, e-bike, ...).

Consequence: Who consumes a minimum of energy, needs to convert, distribute and store just a minimum of energy.

Based on a Passive House it is simple to reach the Plus with minimal effort. Due to the Passive House standard it is economical to act actively for the future and to protect the climate. It pays off in every way !

Concept: Those who invest a little bit more today, are benefiting of the added value from every point of view.

Long-term oriented, onetime invested in highly efficient building shell and technology, ensures sustainably low maintenance. Combined with high comfort, quality of living and recoverability is the best investment with a guaranteed value.

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